Innovative protection for dogs with anal gland problems

The last few months have been quite intense, but today we can happily announce that OVER Gland Support, yet another new product from OVER Group, will have its world premiere on the international trade show at Zoomark International in Bologna in may.

This product offers an innovative and comprehensive two-way protection for dogs with anal gland problems. It is a real revolution in providing the best possible care for dogs! Over Gland Support was developed from scratch by OVER Group, in cooperation with the University of Agriculture in Cracow and the Kazimierz Wielki University in Bydgoszcz, and was co-financed with EU funds.

The product is based on the synergy between specially developed food supplements, available in the form of granules or chews, and a liquid care product.

The active ingredients contained in the product have anti-inflammatory, moisturizing, exfoliating and regenerating properties. They eliminate the discomfort associated with itching.

The main advantages of the product are:

  • prevention of inflammation,
  • moisturization, exfoliation and regeneration of the skin,
  • elimination of discomfort associated with itching,
  • prevention of scooting, licking and anal biting.

Make sure you come and visit us at our booth at Zoomark International, so we can further introduce you to this preparation and show you all our other great products for pets!