Body lotion cream

Cream body lotion with a delicate, cosmetic fragrance.


Cream body lotion with a delicate, cosmetic fragrance. Despite its light and non-greasy consistency, deeply moisturizes your skin. The natural ingredients of our cosmetic are an excellent source of valuable vitamins, which, by penetrating deeply into the layers of the skin, improve its condition, leaving it exceptionally smooth and elastic. Shea butter and sweet almond oil contained in the product have a strong nourishing, moisturizing and oiling effect on the skin, thus restoring its water-lipid balance. Amber extract improves the condition, appearance and color of the skin. Care effects: The balm soothes the symptoms of dry skin, perfectly moisturizes and nourishes.

How to use

Apply the lotion to clean and dry skin all over the body, then massage it in with circular movements. Use each time after a bath or shower.

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Body lotion cream

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Body lotion cream

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