Bovi Stop Vet

Herbal product optimizing digestion in cattle.

  • stabilization of digestion: a rich herbal mixture
  • reduction of damage to the gastrointestinal mucosa: glutamine, sage
  • improvement of digestion: yeast


BOVI STOP VET stabilizes the digestive tract, reducing the risk of stool watering. Specially selected herbal ingredients contained in BOVI STOP VET soothe irritation of the intestinal mucosa which facilitates the return to proper digestive functions.

How to use

Dissolve 100g of product in 1l lukewarm water, give to cows to stabilize digestion. If necessary, it can be repeated after 12 hours. BOVI STOP VET can be mixed with feed (TMR) using the amount given based on the number of animals.

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Bovi Stop Vet

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Bovi Stop Vet

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