Bronchimax VET

Product supporting respiratory system for cattle and pigs.

  • thinning of residual secretions and support of expectoration: thyme, anise
  • support of immunity and lung ventilation: eucalyptus, coneflower
  • reduction of exposure to pathogens: organic acids


BRONCHIMAX thanks to the carefully selected composition of herbs and organic acids soothes irritation of the upper respiratory tract. The addition of herbal substances makes it expectorant, allowing the removal of residual secretions. Organic acids contained in BRONCHIMAX enhance the effect by creating adverse conditions for the development of pathogens. The use of BRONCHIMAX positively affects the effects of treatment, shortening its duration.

How to use

“Calves: 2 x 10ml / pc / day to water or directly
to the mouth; Piglets: 10ml / pc in water for 7 days”

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Bronchimax VET

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Bronchimax VET

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