Buffer Stim

pH stabilizer for cows with rumen acidosis.

  • Brings back right pH in the rumen
  • Appetite improvement
  • Increases milk yield


BUFFER-stim is an innovative product against rumen acidosis and indigestion. It quickly restores the balance in rumen environment by raising and stabilizing the pH. Thanks to potassium bicarbonate it neutralizes lactic acid accumulated in the rumen. Salts of malic acid stimulate the growth of Selenomonas ruminantum bacteria, which consume lactic acid, resulting in its additional decrease of pH in rumen. Polyphenols strengthen immunity. Aluminosilicates bind endotoxins released from decaying bacteria. BUFFER-stim protects animals against the development of laminitis and works protectively on the liver, improves reduced immunity and reproduction disorders.

How to use

A single dose of Buffer Stim is 100g per day. Dissolve into 1 liter of water. Product is especially recommended for highyielding cows. In order to reduce the risk of occurrence of rumen acidosis the farmer should remember about balancing the feed ration.

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Buffer Stim

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Buffer Stim

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