Calci Liquid

Product reducing the risk of postpartum paralysis.

  • two sources of calcium to improve its performance: chloride and pidolan
  • improvement of liver function: methionine, milk thistle (silymarin), artichoke
  • supplement of necessary ingredients: vitamins, microelements, glutamine


CALCI LIQUID supplements calcium deficiencies caused by the start of lactation. The calcium pidolate (pyroglutamate) used in the product is a highly absorbable source of this important element ensuring its availability; addition of calcium chloride enhances the effect of preventing postpartum paralysis. CALCI LIQUID also supports the functioning of a weakened liver due to the presence of a specially selected herbal composition in combination with protected methionine. In this way, the product comprehensively protects the cow during a difficult calving period.

How to use

To reduce the risk of postpartum paralysis, give as an infusion into the mouth immediately after calving at 500g per head. If necessary, repeat after 12 hours.

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Calci Liquid

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Calci Liquid

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