Calci Tabs Bolus 10 szt

Calcium bolus


Calci Tabs is a bolus that minimizes the number of cases of decalcification in cows. The bolus is dissolved in the rumen and ensures that the appropriate concentration of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and vitamin D3 is quickly obtained. The bolus contains highly absorbable sources of calcium, the absorption of which is supported by the addition of vitamin D3. The bolus also contains magnesium, which promotes the release of calcium from the bones and its secondary resorption from the kidneys. In addition, Calci Tabs provides phosphorus to reduce the risk of hypophosphatemia, which often accompanies calcium metabolism disorders.

How to use

Preventively: 1-2 boluses 12-24 before delivery; 1-2 boluses immediately after calving.

In case of backlog:
1-2 boluses 10-12 hours postpartum, then 1-2 boluses 24 hours postpartum

After the calcium infusion:
1-2 boluses 2 hours after calcium infusion, then 1-2 boluses 12 hours after infusion.

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Calci Tabs Bolus 10 szt

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Calci Tabs Bolus 10 szt

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