Calf Acid

Product improving the vitality of calves

  • two sources of calcium prolongation: chloride and pantothenate
  • supplementation of vitamins and microelements
  • an additional source of phosphorus and magnesium


CALF ACID stimulates the calf to feed thanks to its slightly acidifying effect. Given immediately after delivery, it affects
the amount of consumed colostrum by increasing the use of immunoglobulins. CALF ACID promotes the proper development of the calf in the first hours of life, and when given to older calves, it stimulates them to feed in the absence of food appetite.

How to use

To increase the amount of colostrum consumed – immediately after birth administer 25 ml as an infusion directly into the mouth. In the period of lack of appetite – administer 25ml in the mouth just before feeding.

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Calf Acid

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Calf Acid

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