Calfos vet

Product reducing the risk of postpartum retention.

  • two sources of calcium prolongation: chloride and pantothenate
  • supplementation of vitamins and microelements
  • an additional source of phosphorus and magnesium


CALFOS VET restores normal blood calcium levels and prevents postpartum paralysis. The product is a source of calcium in two forms: chloride and pantothenate, thanks to which the availability of this important element is prolonged over time. CALFOS VET contains magnesium and vitamin D3, which deficiency may cause hypocalcaemia. The product also provides phosphorus. This is extremely important because calcium metabolism disorder is often associated with hypophosphataemia. CALFOS VET, thanks to the content of niacin and B vitamins, supports liver function and activates energy metabolism.

How to use

“To reduce the risk of paralysis administer postpartum as
an infusion to the mouth immediately after calving in an amount of 200ml. If necessary, repeat the procedure after 12 hours.”

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Calfos vet

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Calfos vet

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