Herbal gel with capsaicin.

  • increase of blood circulation in the udder: camphor, ginger
  • sealing blood vessels: cinnamon
  • anti-edema and immune effects: capsaicin, coumarin


CAPSIDERM is a composition of specially selected essential oils. Capsaicin, an alkaloid found in peppers, attaches to sensory receptors in the skin, causing a burning sensation, which is visible on the skin in the form of a characteristic erythema disappearing about an hour after application. At the same time, the gel stimulates udder immunity helping to reduce inflammation. Cinnamon promotes the sealing of blood vessels, whereas ginger and camphor cause a delicate feeling of warmth. CAPSIDERM is especially dedicated to cows in which the outflow of lumps and flocs of milk from the gland is observed during inflammation.

How to use

spread on the udder skin after each milking, especially for cows with localized hardening of the mammary gland

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