Carbogel Vet

Product eliminating toxins for calves and cows.

  • stabilization of digestion: herbal ingredients
  • toxin elimination: carbon
  • improvement of digestion: two probiotics


CARBOGEL VET reduces the exposure to toxins resulting from fermentation and accelerated passage of food content. It is intended for calves with digestive problems in which the correct proportions between rumen microbes may have been disturbed. It cleanses the body and optimizes digestion, improving the return to normal functioning. The addition of herbal ingredients stabilizes intestinal peristalsis and two probiotic strains inhabit the gastrointestinal tract, protecting it from the effects of pathogens.

How to use

To optimize digestion, give: calves – 25ml per calf 2x daily, cows – 50ml per cow 2x daily.

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Carbogel Vet

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Carbogel Vet

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