Cellstop Bolus 10pcs

Bolus for somatic cells reduction.

  • Reduction in the number of somatic cells.
  • Supporting the immunity of cows.
  • Improving the parameters and quality of the whole milk


CELLSTOP is a bolus that provides the cow with the necessary micronutrients responsible for the regeneration of the udder and helping to fight inflammation in the body. The phytonutrients contained in the product support the body’s natural defenses and contribute to the production of long-term immunity. Thanks to this, the effects of using the product are visible after a few weeks, and the content of somatic cells is reduced by up to three times.

How to use

Administer 1 bolus to the cow into the rumen, using a special bolus applicator. If the number of somatic cells in the milk is still too high, administer a second bolus after 4 weeks. In particularly difficult cases, in order to increase the effectiveness, it is recommended to use Hepavit complete for min. 5 days.

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Cellstop Bolus 10pcs

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Cellstop Bolus 10pcs

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