Cellulose towels soaked in bucket, 1000pcs

Wipes for pre-milking hygiene


WIPES are immersed in liquid and sealed in a bucket of sheets. They wash effectively and care for the udder skin after application, there is no need to dry teats before applying teat cups. Use of DISPOSABLE WIPES
guarantees cleanliness and pre-milking hygiene. Wipes are always ready for use and the tight seal in the bucket means that they do not lose their properties and do not dry out. The liquid in which the wipes are immersed has biocidal properties.

How to use

Wipe the udder before milking with a single sheet of towel. The closure with stopper allows you to pull out individual sheets without opening the bucket lid. Wipes for external use. They are biodegradable.

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Cellulose towels soaked in bucket, 1000pcs

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Cellulose towels soaked in bucket, 1000pcs

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