Colostrogel Agro

Immunizing starter for calves.

  • supplementation of ingredients supporting immunity: beta-glucan, nettle, purple coneflower
  • improvement of digestion and immunity: IgY immunoglobulins from egg powder
  • stabilization of digestion: two probiotics


COLOSTROGEL VET provides newborn calves with vitamins and microelements necessary for proper development. The product optimizes the proper functioning of the immune system due to the content of IgY immunoglobulins, which, given in the first hours of life, constitute a protective barrier for the calf ’s body, preventing penetration of pathogens through the mucous membranes of the digestive tract. The addition of herbal composition enhances the immunostimulatory effect. COLOSTROGEL VET is also dedicated to calves that receive low quality colostrum.

How to use

Administer the contents of the tube at the end of the tongue to calves which do not have access to colostrum or receive poor quality colostrum, up to 4 hours after calving.

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Colostrogel Agro

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