Diarrgel Vet

Product protecting the digestive tract for calves, cows and pigs.

  • protection against digestive disorders: chestnut tannins
  • can be given to cows and calves (from 2 weeks of age)
  • ease of administration (syringe form)


DIARRGEL VET stabilizes the functioning of the digestive tract by optimizing digestive processes. By astringent action, it protects the body against water loss and fecal dilution. Thanks to the addition of yeast, it positively affects digestive processes.

How to use

Administer directly to the mouth in the amount of: cows – 50ml, calves – 20ml, pigs for fattening, lambs, goatlings – 15ml, piglets – 5ml.

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Diarrgel Vet

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Diarrgel Vet

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