Diarrspeed Vet

Product regulating digestion in calves.

  • stabilization of digestion: pectins and plant components
  • gastrointestinal protection: banana fiber
  • quick effect: one dose suffices


DIARRSPEED VET influences the regulation of the digestive tract of calves and piglets. The product forms a mucous
layer covering the intestinal mucosa, which normalizes the flow of food content. The plant components contained in the product stabilize intestinal peristalsis. DIARRSPEED VET is eagerly taken up by animals thanks to the addition of flavor composition.

How to use

Dissolve 100g of product in 2l warm (38° C) water. In difficult cases, administer again. As a continuation use PECTOPRO

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Diarrspeed Vet

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Diarrspeed Vet

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