Energia Bovi Pover Vet

Energy product with selenium and niacin.

  • source of energy components: glycerin, propylene glycol
  • strengthening of immunity and liver function: selenium, niacin
  • thick texture, appetizing taste and aroma


ENERGIA BOVI POVER VET is a product that is a source of easily digestible and high quality energy components for dairy cows. Used both in ingots and on the feed table, it reduces the effects of negative energy balance. The addition of B vitamins stimulates energy metabolism. Thanks to its hygroscopic properties, ENERGIA BOVI POVER VET prevents the forage from drying out and heating up. The product given to fodder improves its palatability, raises energy levels and maintains humidity. Due to its appetizing aroma and palatability, it is eagerly taken up by cows.

How to use

Administer by mouth or directly on the feed table to reduce the risk of energy disorders and during the recovery period after ketosis in an amount of 300ml per day. It is recommended to use for 3 to 6 weeks.

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Energia Bovi Pover Vet

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Energia Bovi Pover Vet

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