Energia Hepamin

Energy product preventing ketosis and supporting liver regeneration.

  • source of energy components: glycerin, propylene glycol, sodium propionate
  • liver regeneration: methionine, milk thistle (silymarin), artichoke
  • reducing the risk of ketosis and protecting the liver in one product


ENERGIA HEPAMIN is a source of substances that eliminate the negative energy balance and support the gluconeogenesis process. A specially selected herbal composition optimizes the functioning of the weakened liver, and the supplement protected methionine is hepatoprotective. The product comprehensively supplies the cow during the transition period by providing the necessary ingredients.

How to use

Give 500 g of product to the cows with signs of ketosis and in transition, either as an infusion into the mouth or directly on the feed table. Use especially in cows with liver problems.

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Energia Hepamin

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Energia Hepamin

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