Energia Plus Vit

Liquid energy with vitamins.

  • Reduces probability of ketosis
  • Increases milk yield
  • Very palatable source of vitamins


ENERGIA plus Vit is a special source of energy for dairy cows in the initial lactation phase. It enables to reduce the deficit in the period of negative energy balance. ENERGIA plus Vit is characterized by its sweet taste
preferred by cows, and this is a reason why the feed with this preparation is eagerly consumed by them. Furthermore, cows lose less weight after calving. The addition of vitamins stimulates energy metabolism resulting in smaller frequency of ketosis. Due to hygroscopic properties ENERGIA plus Vit prevents rying and heating of the feed.

How to use

Administer ENERGIA plus Vit to cows in the amount of 250-300g per animal daily for a minimum of 100 days of lactation. Feeding can be started 2 weeks before calving. ENERGIA plus Vit can be administered in oral form individually, can be poored on feeding table and also mixed in TMR.

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Energia Plus Vit

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