Energia Vet

Energy product with betaine.

  • source of energy components: glycerin, propylene glycol
  • strengthening of immunity and liver function: selenium, niacin, betaine
  • improving the palatability of feed for cows with reduced appetite


ENERGIA VET guarantees effective help for cows with ketosis symptoms as it is an effective source of energy.
The product is a composition of substances that are glucose precursors, thus leading to an increase in its level in the blood. B vitamins activate energy metabolism and reduce the negative effects of negative energy balance. Betaine contained in the product – a component of beetroot juice, supports the functioning of a weakened liver.

How to use

In case of danger or occurrence of ketosis, administer in the form of an infusion to the mouth or directly on the feed table in the amount of 300g per day. The daily dose is 300-500g.

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Energia Vet

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Energia Vet

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