Farma Forte

Product protecting the digestive tract.

  • protection against digestive disorders: chestnut tannins
  • the possibility of feeding the entire production group: the period of spring and autumn diarrhea
  • improvement of digestion: yeast


FARMA FORTE optimizes digestive functions during periods of risk (feed change, transport, changes in ambient temperature). Used on the carpet, it provides full protection for the herd in terms of stabilizing digestive tract function, especially during spring and autumn digestive disorders.

How to use

Cows: 50-200g / pcs / day, not more than 0.2g / kg bw / day
Calves: 1-5kg / ton feed, not more than 0.15g / kg bw / day
Pigs: 2.5-4kg / ton feed, no more than 0.15g / kg bw / day
Rabbits: 8-10kg / ton feed for 10 days after weaning, in the remaining period – 5kg / ton of feed

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Farma Forte

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