Fosfo Tabs Bolus 10 szt

Phosphorus bolus


Fosfo Tabs contains two highly absorbable sources of phosphorus (calcium phosphate and sodium phosphate), thanks to which it helps to reduce the risk of hypophosphatemia. In addition, it includes vitamin D3, which improves the absorption of phosphorus and its reabsorption from the kidneys. Bolus ensures quick achievement of the appropriate concentration of this element in the blood, thanks to which we can avoid many problems occurring in cows in the first months of lactation, such as a decrease in appetite, postpartum retention, disorders in the skeletal system leading to a decrease in milk yield and reduction of reproductive indexes.

How to use

1-2 boluses 12-24 hours before parturition

In case of milk fever:
1-2 boluses on the second day or 24 hours after administration of Fosfo Tabs

During lactation:
whenever a phosphorus deficiency is suspected

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Fosfo Tabs Bolus 10 szt

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Fosfo Tabs Bolus 10 szt

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