Fun treats oral hygiene 100g

Functional treat for dogs supporting oral hygiene


Functional treat dedicated to dogs of all ages. The composition is based on turkey meat, with added sweet potatoes, and game meat. The recipe is enriched with functional components, such as sodium hexametaphosphate and green tea extract, helping to keep the teeth in good condition, active carbon and pepper mint helping to keep the teeth white and breath fresh. The highest quality ingredients were used for the production of the treats. Product does not contain grains, artificial colourants nor preservatives.

How to use

Give to dogs as an addition to their daily food. Small dogs (up to 5kg) up to 2 pcs daily, medium size dogs (up to 10kg) up to 4pcs daily, large dogs (above 10kg) up to 6 pcs daily. Make sure your dog has access to clean, fresh water.

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Fun treats oral hygiene 100g

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Fun treats oral hygiene 100g

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