Glikol Vet

Energy product with sodium propionate.

  • source of energy components: propylene glycol, glycerin, sodium propionate
  • addition of vitamins D, E, B group and niacin
  • reduction of ketosis risk, prolonged effect over time


GLIKOL VET provides easily digestible energy sources, reducing the risk of ketosis during the transition period. The B vitamins contained in the product are an essential factor stimulating carbohydrate metabolism, including gluconeogenesis. The addition of sodium propionate reduces the level of ketone bodies in the blood, while niacin supports the proper functioning of the liver. Administration of GLIKOL VET is conducive to maintaining glucose levels on stable level for a long time preventing the formation of a negative energy balance.

How to use

Administer during the transitional period (3 weeks before and 3 weeks after delivery) by infusion into the mouth or directly onto the feeding table in an amount of 300 g per head.

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Glikol Vet

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