Helena Balm

Balm with Japanese peppermint oil and marigold.

  • Reduces the sensitivity of the udder
  • Protects against external factors
  • Supports the regeneration process


Helena balm is a preparation intended for taking care of the udder. Thanks to contained ingredients, it gives the skin elasticity and reduces irritations. Geranium oil has an effect regulating blood circulation, it also has properties inhibiting the growth of bacteria. The marigold extract has strong moisturizing, anti-inflammatory and rebuilding properties. Long-term effect of lemon oil contributes to the protection of the skin against activity of microorganisms. Regular usage of the balm brings relief in places of insect bites as well it soothes itching. The product supports the maintenance of healthy udder.

How to use

Rub in the skin of the udder after each milking

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Helena Balm

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Helena Balm

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