Helena Gel

Gel with Japanese peppermint oil, marigold and camphor.

  • Strengthens the udder skin
  • It has a warming and caring effect
  • Improves the blood circulation


Helena gel is an effective preparation supporting proper functioning and healthiness of the udder. Thanks to the content of natural, herbal substances it positively affects the proper functions of immune system. Eucalyptus and lavender oils work as repellent for mosquitoes and other insects, they also sooth irritations and inflammations of the skin. Terpens, contained in lavender, have a positive effect on the structure of epidermis, thanks to which it becomes firm and flexible. Lavender reduces the risk insect bites. The addition of camphor gives the preparation warming properties.

How to use

Rub in the skin of the udder after each milking

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Helena Gel

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Helena Gel

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