Helena Jod Forte

Iodine based dipping product.

  • Protects udder against inflammation
  • Decreases somatic cells level in milk
  • High effectiveness


HELENA iodine forte is a product for post-milking teat dipping. Due to a high iodine content (5000 ppm), it works extremely fast, inhibiting the growth of pathogens. HELENA iodine forte efficiently prevents infections caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi and mould as well as supports the fight against increased level of somatic cells. HELENA iodine forte remains on the teat skin for a long time while its active ingredients moisten and protect the skin against cracking.

How to use

Soak each teat in the preparation using a special dipping cup, immediately after milking.

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Helena Jod Forte

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Helena Jod Forte

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