Hexi Derm

Strong dipping product based on chlorhexidine.

  • reduction of exposure to pathogens: chlorhexidine
  • skin protection: marigold, glycerin
  • ease of use: dense and clearly green product color


HEXI DERM VET is a product intended for post-milking teat dipping. The marigold extract present in the composition of the product cares for the skin of the teats and supports the regeneration process, and the addition of moisturizing substances maintains its elasticity and firmness. HEXI DERM VET thanks to the thick consistency stays on the teat, which guarantees the product’s effect on the skin. The clear, emerald color allows you to easily check whether the treatment has been carried out correctly and the product was applied evenly to all teats.

How to use

Immediately after each milking, Hexi Derm Vet should be applied to the teats using special dipping cups. The product is ready for use without dilution.

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Hexi Derm

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