Horse gel with CBD 250ml

Horse gel with CBD is a product that relieves neuralgia and swelling.


Horse gel with CBD is a product that relieves neuralgia and swelling. The effectiveness of the horse gel results from the traditional recipe based on the action of essential oils. The gel causes a feeling of coolness and has an anesthetic effect. For this reason, it is recommended for neuralgia and tendonitis. It has anti-rheumatic and antiseptic properties. Natural body cosmetics not only nurture, but can also improve health. CBD oil contained in the gel supports regenerative processes, reduces muscle tension, and relieves swelling, bringing relief in the case of soreness. Improves skin firmness. CBD oil accelerates the regeneration process by activating cannabinoid receptors. It is rich in vitamins, phospholipids, phytosterols and minerals. If you want to increase the effect of regeneration and hydration, also use body lotions. Chestnut and calendula strengthen blood vessels, lavender and arnica additionally soothe irritations, and the content of menthol provides a pleasant feeling of coolness and refreshment. Our online cosmetics store offers proven and tested products, so you can be sure that horse gel is safe and effective. Horse gel is also recommended for athletes and people who lead an active lifestyle. The ingredients contained in the product accelerate muscle regeneration and have a soothing effect on soreness. If you care about effective training, use not only horse gel. Before starting an activity, reach for a warming cream that stimulates circulation, increases the heart rate and raises the body temperature. In turn, after training, use cooling gels that soothe the pain. The combination of these products with horse gel supports muscle and body regeneration.

How to use

Apply the gel to clean skin, massage and leave to absorb. Use exfoliating scrubs for better results. Removal of dead epidermis enhances the effect of the product. Exfoliating balms are also great for moisturizing the skin. Horse gel with the addition of CBD can be applied topically to sore and swollen areas.

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Horse gel with CBD 250ml

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Horse gel with CBD 250ml

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