Horse Ointment

Ointment providing relief from muscular and joint pain.

  • cooling and warming effect: menthol, camphor
  • sealing blood vessels: arnica, chestnut
  • stress relief, pain relief: lavender


The composition of HORSE OINTMENT is based on a traditional set of specially selected herbs and essential oils. The ointment relieves rheumatic conditions, sciatic nerve and back pain. At the same time supports the treatment of arthritis and tendons, reduces swelling and has an antispasmodic effect. Thanks to the content of camphor and peppermint, the ointment stimulates blood flow. The use of HORSE OINTMENT brings a pleasant feeling of warmth, relaxes and improves blood circulation by eliminating muscle tension and pain sensations.

How to use

In case of ailments, rub the ointment into sore places until absorbed. For external use only.

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Horse Ointment

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Horse Ointment

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