HydroGel Vet

Electrolyte product with glutamine for calves.

  • supplementation of ingredients after diarrhea: vitamins, electrolytes, microelements
  • improved digestion: glutamine
  • can be fed with water, milk or directly into the mouth


HYDROGEL VET is a source of necessary electrolytes, vitamins and microelements. It is intended for calves weakened as a result of gastrointestinal disorders. A specially selected herbal composition optimizes digestion and stabilizes bowel function. The addition of glutamine helps to improve the functioning of the intestinal villi responsible for proper digestion.

How to use

Measure out 20 ml of product using the metering ring. Serve with water or milk. Give calves with a lack of appetite directly into the mouth.

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HydroGel Vet

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HydroGel Vet

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