ImmunoGel Vet

Product stimulating the immunity of calves and cows.

  • stimulating calf immunity during the immune gap period: beta-glucan, nettle, purple coneflower
  • improvement of digestion: two probiotics
  • supplementing ingredients during the immune gap, after illness and antibiotic therapy


IMMUNOGEL VET optimizes the functioning of the immune system. The specially selected herbal mixture has an immunostimulating effect, and the addition of beta-glucan strengthens the effect by improving the
functioning of calves, especially during periods of decline in immunity and after a disease. IMMUNOGEL VET works synergistically by stimulating immunity and supplementing probiotic ingredients. The product is dedicated to calves during the period of physiological decline in immunity and after antibiotic therapy; it can also be used in cattle after treatment to optimize the immune system and deliver probiotics.

How to use

Apply 25ml of the product twice a day directly to the mouth of calves 3 to 4 weeks old (during the immune gap), after diarrhea and antibiotic therapy. Give cows 50ml during periods of immunodeficiency and after antibiotic therapy.

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ImmunoGel Vet

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