Jodo Derm

Iodine dipping product.

  • reduction of exposure to pathogens: iodine
  • teat skin protection: caring substances
  • ease of use: the dark color of the product is clearly visible on the skin after application


JODO DERM VET is a product for post-milking disinfection of teats in the form of dipping. Thanks to its high iodine content (5000 ppm), it works extremely quickly, reducing exposure to pathogens. JODO DERM VET effectively prevents infections and supports the fight against elevated levels of somatic cells. The product stays on the teat for a long time, and the care substances present in the composition moisturize and prevent teat skin from cracking.

How to use

Apply the product directly to the teats after each milking, using special dipping cups. The product is ready for use without dilution.

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Jodo Derm

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Jodo Derm

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