Kalliumgel Vet

Product supplementing potassium deficiencies.

  • a rich source of potassium for cows after ketosis and calving
  • improvement of liver function: milk thistle (silymarin), artichoke
  • comprehensive protection of the cow in the postpartum period and after ketosis


KALLIUMGEL VET is a source of potassium, an element especially important in the postpartum period. Potassium deficiencies are observed in cows consuming smaller amounts of fodder as well as in the period of elevated ambient temperature. Due to the fact that large amounts of potassium pass into the milk, this element should also be supplemented in the diet of high yielding cows. KALLIUMGEL VET is also a source of vitamins and herbs that improve the functioning of the weakened liver.

How to use

Give 100g of product to the mouth of cows with symptoms of potassium deficiency. Give cows at risk (retention 2-3 days after calving, during high ambient temperatures, at the peak of lactation) to the mouth with 50ml, repeat after 12 hours. Do not give to cows with symptoms of tetany or during the dry period.

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Kalliumgel Vet

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