Lacti-Derm Vet

Thick lactic acid dipping liquid.

  • bactericidal effect: lactic acid, glycolic acid
  • protection of delicate skin: marigold, glycerin
  • swelling reduction: chestnut


LACTI DERM VET creates a visible layer protecting against microbial penetration through the teat canal, it does not drip and has bactericidal effect. LACTI DERM VET contains lactic acid, which is part of the natural
moisturizing factor (NMF) which is responsible for binding water in the skin and its mechanical protection against external factors. The high content of chestnut extract guarantees anti-swelling and contraction
properties, preventing micro-injuries that occur during milking. Marigold extract regenerates and protects teat skin before drying.

How to use

Use immediately after milking by immersing each teat in the product using special dipping cups.

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Lacti-Derm Vet

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Lacti-Derm Vet

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