Prophylactic udder care cream.

  • Reduces somatic cells level
  • Oils skin and makes it more flexible
  • Soothes effects of insect bites


LEUCA cream is intended for the daily udder care to maintain the right look and health of the udder. The active herbal substances included in composition of LEUCA cream prove anti-inflammatory activity and reduce
the number of somatic cells in milk. They also inhibit the growth of bacteria (Staphylococci, Streptococci, and E.coli), viruses (virus of teat inflammation) and blastomyces (Candida sp.). The use of LEUCA cream contributes to the reduction of udder swelling, accelerates the regeneration of skin after sunburns, works as insect deterrent and reducesinflammation after their bites. It also improves bloodcirculation and acts therapeutically in venous conditions. As a cream, Leuca oils, moisturizes and elasticizes the skin as well as relieves rheumatic joint and muscle pains.

How to use

Rub in the skin of the udder after each milking

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