Masti Vet

Warming camphor ointment.

  • improvement of blood circulation: camphor, peppermint
  • supporting udder health: propolis
  • skin hydration: glycerin


MASTI VET is a topical product. It is a traditional composition of the highest quality natural, extremely concentrated ingredients – peppermint, camphor and propolis extract. It relaxes the skin and provides a delicate
and even feeling of warmth. The product supports the natural defenses of the udder by increasing blood circulation in the mammary gland. The light and non-greasy texture of MASTI VET makes the ointment easy to apply and absorbs quickly. The addition of glycerin supports the transport of ingredients to the deepest layers of the udder.

How to use

rub into the udder skin after each milking in case of suspected inflammation of the udder.

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Masti Vet

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