Mastistop Rapid 4pcs

Feed supplement for cows against mastitis


Mastistop Rapid is a bolus that helps reduce the number of cows with clinical mastitis. Thanks to its application, the number of cases that need antibiotic treatment can be reduced by half. Due to specially selected ingredients, there is no development of the clinical form of the disease. In cases where antibiotic treatment is necessary, it lasts shorter and the animals recover faster. The product is completely natural, works for 4 days and grace period does not apply. Thanks to this, the number of somatic cells in the milk is reduced and it can safely be sold.

How to use

Use when there is a risk of mastitis, when there are visible changes in the udder or when there is a sudden increase in somatic cell content.

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Mastistop Rapid 4pcs

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Mastistop Rapid 4pcs

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