Metrisept bolus 10pcs

Bolus for better uterus cleaning and involution


METRISEPT supports the process of cleansing the uterus after calving, reducing the risk of inflammation. The product stimulates contractile activity and the secretion of prostaglandins from the uterine mucosa, which support the dilation of the cervix, enabling the lochia to be removed. METRISEPT sitimulates the uterine involution rate and the regeneration of the endometrium, thanks to which the cows show oestrus symptoms already in the second month of lactation, and the high effectiveness of the first insemination improves the pregnancy rate.

How to use

Administer 1 bolus to cow or heifer into the rumen 10 ± 5 days postpartum, using a special bolus applicator. Recommended especially after difficult long-term calving or in the case of placenta retention. If the cow has not received METRISEPT BOLUS after calving, it can be administered when signs of uterine inflammation are observed. The decomposition and action time of the bolus is 21 days.

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Metrisept bolus 10pcs

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Metrisept bolus 10pcs

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