Mint Vet

Cooling menthol gel.

  • reduction of skin tension and pain sensations: menthol, eucalyptus
  • sealing blood vessels: arnica, chestnut
  • skin hydration: glycerin


MINT VET is an effective product designed to reduce udder edema especially after delivery. A carefully selected mixture of essential oils and plant extracts supports natural udder immunity processes. Peppermint and eucalyptus extract refreshes and relaxes the skin. Arnica and horse chestnut extract contained in the product promote absorption of exudate, sealing blood vessels, which reduces swelling and soreness. The gel easily spreads over the udder, absorbs quickly without leaving an oily layer. MINT VET provides ideal protection against adverse environmental influences and drying out.

How to use

Rub into the udder skin of the cow with postpartum edema after each milking.

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Mint Vet

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Mint Vet

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