Product against skin mycosis.

  • Patented copper colloid nanoparticles
  • Fights against skin mycosis
  • Supports skin regeneration and coat growth


MYCO-stick is an innovative product against skin mycosis. It contains very efficient, patented, copper nanoparticles, demonstrating strong antifungal activity. It also supports skin regeneration and coat growth.
MYCO-stick is enriched with tea tree oil, which has antiseptic properties, and propolis, which protects pathologically changed places against infections and speeds up the healing process. MYCO-stick does not irritate skin, works as a natural antibiotic and strengthens the immune system.

How to use

Apply the preparation by spraying on the affected area. Repeat 2-3 times a day. The preparation is safe for young animals, and does not require a withdrawal period.

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