Over Dip

Thick, organic iodine based post-milking dipping product.

  • Contains 5000 ppm of active iodine
  • Does not dry the skin
  • Provides visible protective layer


OVER dip demonstrates a particularly high concentration of active iodine (5000 ppm). The bacteria do not become resistant to its activity. It is characterized by a wide spectrum of activity and effectiveness against bacteria, as well as viruses, fungi and mould. Moreover, this liquid creates a visible coat on the skin surface, which forms a barrier for pathogens. Glycerin included in OVER dip moistens the teat skin and increases its elasticity. Organic iodine does not dry the skin even after an extended use so the product is safe for the cow and the breeder.

How to use

Soak each teat in the preparation, using a special dipping cup immediately after milking. Product is available in the winter version. Over dip winter: does not freeze up to -18°C.

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Over Dip

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Over Dip

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