Ovet Gel

Gel for use during gynecological procedures in animals.

  • creates a slip layer, protecting the skin against abrasions
  • reduces friction and facilitates delivery
  • intended for use during rectal examination and delivery


A lubricant for use during rectal and obstetric gynecological procedures. Useful during insemination, delivery, pregnancy
tests and check-ups of female reproductive organs. It creates a slip layer in the birth canal, protecting tissues against
mechanical damage. The use of O-VET GEL facilitates the delivery process by reducing friction forces. Regulates the pH of the genital tract, maintains the right viscosity, does not irritate, slightly moisturizes. Does not dry out during the medical examination.

How to use

Apply on the glove or directly on the skin of the hands and tools during rectal and gynecological and obstetric procedures. The product can be diluted with water.

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Ovet Gel

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