Ovulik Herbal

Feed supplement for milking cows during oestrus period


Ovulik herbal minimizes the risk of lack of minerals and vitamins that may have a negative impact on the oestrus levels in milking cows. The product supplements key components, such as vit. A, D3 and E, selenium and energy. Low levels of these components may cause a delay in oestrus and extend the period between pregnancies, which causes a decrease in profitability of the farm. The product is in a liquid form, which allows individual treatment of animals.

How to use

In case of a lack of vitamines and minerals, give to the animal in the amount of 500g per day in order to intensify oestrus during 5-7 days before the estimated oestrus date. In order to increase effects of insemination, administer 2 days after insemination. In order to increase the chance of embryo settlement, administer for 5 days after insemination.

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Ovulik Herbal

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Ovulik Herbal

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