Pectolit Plus

Preparation against diarreas in calves and lambs.

  • Quickly inhibits diarrhea and prevents dehydration
  • Provides essential nutrients
  • Shields the digestive tract and strengthens immune system


Pectolit plus is a multi-component preparation quickly inhibiting diarrhea. Pectin contained in it swell absorbing water and forms a protective layer on the intestines. Easily digestible nutrients keep the calf in good condition, additionally electrolytes prevent dehydration. Pectolit plus provides vitamins and minerals, that are essential for maintenance of the physiological functions of the body and the stimulation of the immune system. Due to the appetizing aroma and good taste Pectolit plus is eagerly consumed by calves with diarrheas.

How to use

Calves: administer twice a day when diarrhea occurs after mixing 100g of Pectolit plus in 2 liters of warm water(38°C). Usually giving Pectolit plus for a day or two is enough. The use of Pectolit plus can be started after period the administration of colostrum and stopping the administration of milk. Pectolit plus can be used to protect calves against diarrhea. Prophylactically give 50g of the preparation Pectolit plus dissolved in milk or milk replacer.
Lambs: dissolve 50g Pectolite plus for 1 liter of water

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Pectolit Plus

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