• stabilization of digestion: pectins
  • body regeneration: vitamins, electrolytes
  • improvement of digestion: probiotic


PECTOPRO stabilizes the water and electrolyte balance thanks to the electrolytes contained in the product, reducing the risk of dehydration. Pectins included in the product form a layer covering the intestines, and the probiotic complements the microflora of the body. PECTOPRO smells appetizing and is very tasty, thanks to which it is eagerly taken up by weakened calves. Thanks to easily digestible nutrients, it restores body homeostasis by maintaining animal in good condition.

How to use

Dissolve 100g of product in 2l of warm (38° C) water, milk or substitute preparation. Use to stabilize digestion and supplement probiotics. Serve twice daily. For 3 days it can be used as the only food source.

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