Preparation against acute diarrheas in calves.

  • Stops acute diarrheas and prevents dehydration
  • Regulates the motility of intestines and stimulates the immunity
  • Delivers easily digestible energy


Pectospeed is a fast-acting preparation, that stops acute diarrhesa and regulates the fuctions of intestines. Due to content of pectin Pectospeed has a protective effect on the gastrointestinal mucosa and help to stabilize the flow of feed. Pectospeed has a strengthening effect on the weakened body by providing an easily digestible source of energy. The addition of electrolytes and betain prevents dehydration and protects against the occurrence of metabolic acidosis. The product replenishes lost microelements and is a source of vitamins stimulating the immunity. Thanks to specially selected flavors Pectospeed is eagerly consumed by weak calves.

How to use

Calves: when diarrhea occurs, stop the administration of milk or milk replacer. Mix 100g of Pectospeed in 2 liters of warm water (38°C) and administer to the calf. In the case of very strong diarrhea administer Pectospeed again. In the next days It is best to administer Pectolit plus to calves. Keep the calves constant access to water all the time.

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