Pedes Glue

Hoof care gel.

  • hardening of the hoof can: copper chelate
  • protection of the place after the surgical procedure: zinc chelate
  • the thick gel form ensures proper operation of the product


PEDES GLUE is a gel intended for use after hoof correction and after surgery. The effectiveness of its action is due to the use of copper and zinc chelates, which increase the hardness of the horn without causing its drying. The product supports the process of rebuilding the hoof tissues and has a soothing effect. PEDES GLUE, thanks to its gel consistency, is easily applied to the can of the hoof and skin, whereas excellent adhesion allows to create a layer that protects the tissue from dirt.

How to use

Apply PEDES GLUE to clean and dry hoof. Wait for the gel to dry with the release of the animal. For additional protection, you can wear a Blue tape bandage for
5 days. After removing it, use the PEDES SPRAY product to enhance the effect.

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Pedes Glue

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