Pedes Spray Flairosol

Hoof care fluid.

  • hardening of the hoof can: copper chelate
  • protection of the place after the surgical procedure: zinc chelate
  • liquid for use on the hoof after the treatment completion


PEDES SPRAY is a product containing copper and zinc chelates that make the horn elastic and strengthen the skin tissue. Organic acids present in the composition support the production of adverse conditions for the development of microorganisms and maintaining the health of the hoof. The spraying method allows for local application. Thanks to the thick consistency and blue color, PEDES SPRAY creates a durable and visible film ensuring long-term contact of the product with the hoof.

How to use

Apply topically after correction or purification of hooftissues.

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Pedes Spray Flairosol

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Pedes Spray Flairosol

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