Pedi Bolus 10pcs

Bolus for fighting lameness


PEDI BOLUS provides the cow with the necessary micronutrients and vitamins responsible for the reconstruction of skin tissue and hoof horn. The herbal extracts contained in the product support the body in fighting infections. As a result, the number and severity of lameness in the herd is significantly reduced. The effects of using the product are visible after 3 weeks in cows and heifers introduced to the herd. The occurrence of lameness in herds of dairy cows is one of the most important reasons for lowering the productivity of cows. Hoof diseases contribute to the reduction of milk yield, reproductive disorders and premature culling of animals from the herd, which leads to a huge increase in costs and lower profitability of milk production.

How to use

Administer 1 bolus to the cow or the heifer into the rumen, using a special bolus applicator. In difficult cases, the bolus can be re-administered after 40 days. It is recommended that the bolus bolus is applied by a veterinarian or other authorized person.

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Pedi Bolus 10pcs

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Pedi Bolus 10pcs

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